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Addendum #3 Additions and Renovations for Branford Community and Senior Center
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Last Updated: 2017/8/16
Additions and Renovations for the Branford Community and Senior Center

46 Church Street, Branford CT

Addendum # 3

Date: August 16, 2017


General Clarifications


Refer to attached

DRAWINGS: (Replace)  S6.0, A1.3, A5.7, A6.4, A6.5

SPECIFICATIONS:  (Add) 115213 Projection Screens (Replace) 028211 Asbestos Abatement, 102226 operable partitions

SKETCHES: SKS-1, SKS-2, SKS-3, SKA-3, SKA-4, SKA-5, SKA-6, SKA-7, SKA-8, SKA-9,

           SKA-10, SKA -11, SKA-12, SKA-13, SKA-14, SKP-1, SKP-2, SKP-3, SKP-4, SKM-1,

MISCELLANEOUS:  AIA A305 Contractor’s Qualification Statement


1. Question Deadline                           No additional questions will be accepted.

2. Bid Opening                                    Bid Opening date remains Wednesday, 8/23/17 at 10:00 am.

3.  Project Duration                              No additional time will be added to the project to complete the abatements scope OR for the inclusion of any accepted alternates to the project.

4.  Testing and Inspections                  Owner will be responsible for initial cost of third party testing agency.  Contractor will be responsible for all cost associated with retesting due to failed installations.  Oversight and testing requirements identified in the specifications will not be waived.  Contractor is to coordinate with testing and inspection agencies and/or manufacture quality control representatives.

5.  Utility connection Fees                   Owner will be responsible for Electric, Gas, Water and Sewer connection fees.

6.  OSHA                                             Delete reference to OSHA certification in accordance with 29CFR 1910.268 in “Information to Bidders”.  Contractor must follow all OSHA regulations for project duration. 

7. Allowance #6                                  Allowance bid to include all necessary excavation, backfill, and slab repairs as part of allowance.

8.  Gym Floor Alternate                       Champion Flooring Monoflex HD will be considered an acceptable manufacture for Alternate #4 Gym Floor Replacement

9. Alternate #3                                     Basis of design for the bus shelter is Austin Mohawk Model: CAN-2460-SHEER.  Reference structural plans for foundation details.  Reference Civil plans for approximate sizing.

10. Asbestos Abatement                      See revised Asbestos specifications including the omitted drawings from the previous version and the elimination of the abatement bid form.

11. PCBs                                              A separate PCB remediation specification was not prepared for this project.  Abatement and disposal of specific PCB containing materials are addressed in Section 028211 – Asbestos Abatement, refer to that section for abatement and disposal requirements.  ACM caulk with PCBs >1 ppm shall be disposed as mixed ACM/PCB waste, and associated window frames with adhered ACM/PCB caulk >1 ppm shall also be disposed as mixed ACM/PCB waste.

12.  Fill                                                Per the geotechnical report, the onsite excavated material does not meet the requirements for controlled filled so it cannot be used for sidewalks, parking lots, slabs on grade, etc.  However, controlled fill is not required under structural slabs, such as directly under the building.  Therefore, on site excavated material can be used there as long as it is characterized per the following environmental response.

Fill material excavated from the site can be reused to backfill beneath the proposed addition after installation of the pile caps, grade beams, concrete footings, and walls.  The excavated site fill material designated for reuse beneath the building addition must be characterized and approved by the Engineer prior to placement.  The reuse of site fill must be documented by the contractor on a site plan and be provided to the Engineer.

13.  Existing Structure                          Interior walls are not structural in nature.  Exterior walls contain structural elements such as concrete columns and girders which shall not be disturbed.  Portions of the exterior walls are being demolished and will require lintels or infill to support portions of wall above. A structural column is being removed from the interior, reference structural demo plans.

14.  Columns                                       Existing concrete column EX23 on North side of gym is to remain.  See reissued column schedule sheet, S6.0, for missing information for Column CF-C1 present in floor plans S1.0, S1.1, and S1.2.  See reissued column schedule sheet, S6.0, for missing information regarding columns C3-CB and C3-CC on S1.1

15. Structural Slab                               Typical top of pier elevation is to be 8’-2” UNO.  Changed from 8’-0” UNO.

16.  Existing Slab Infill                        Contractor to infill portions of existing slab with gypcrete per Structural Drawings.  Delete reference to concrete infill in Architectural Drawings.

17. Self Leveling Underlayment          A minimum 1/8” underlayment is required at existing concrete as indicated in 096519 and 096543 for “preparation for existing concrete slabs”  Self leveling underlayment is required under tile and sheet carpeting as specified in 096519 – refer to section 096813 and 096816, paragraph 2.2a.  Self leveling underlayment is not required for wood athletic or fluid applied flooring.

18. Water Vapor Emission Control      Water Vapor Emission Control is required at existing slabs on grade

19.  Roof Hatch Infill                          See Typical Infill of Existing Openings in Roof detail on S5.0

20.  Masonry Mock Up                        Contractor is to provide a mock unit meeting the following criteria:  total width is to be 4’ wide, 2’ is to include running bond, 2’ is to include stacked bond.  Total Height is 4’, which is to include the transition at the flood elevation (lower half to be CMU, upper half to be metal stud, from Elevation 11 +/- to Elevation 15 +/-)

21.  Soffit Detail                                  Contractor to provide EIFS assembly under New Construction roof soffits, reference roof details.

22.  Elevator Pit                                   Waterproofing is to be provided in the elevator pit, ref. Spec 071326 2.2 Blindside Sheet Waterproofing.          

23.  Exterior ramp and landings           The underside of the exterior stairs, ramps, landings and patios are fully enclosed and not accessible.  Dry head fire protection is not needed.

24.  Door Hardware                             Bidders are to disregard the “Automatic Opener” Column of the hardware schedule issued in Addendum #2.  Automatic Door Openers are required on doors 100-A,100-B, 217-A, and 217-C and are to comply with hardware sets AL-1 and AL-2.  Automatic openers are not required on any other doors.  Refer to hardware set schedule in Spec Section 087100 for door hardware, opener and closure models.

25.  Storefront Frames                         Reference spec 084113 2.4 for storefront systems. 

26.  Storefront Glazing                        Hatch patterns on Curtainwall/Storefront Elevation sheets represent different glazing types, reference glazing tag for type. 

27.  Interior Storefront                         Frames for interior storefronts are to be 6” deep as drawn.  Glazing is to be ¼” tempered laminated glazing with the exception of the decorative glazing. All interior door glazing is to be ¼” tempered laminated. See elevations for decorative glazing locations.

28.  Ambulatory Stall                           Provide (1) Ambulatory Stall each Women’s Toilet Room (114 and 213).

                                                            See SK for width and grab bar requirements.  

29.  Bathroom Mirrors                         All bathroom mirrors are to be 24”W x 36”T.  Basis of design: Bradley; Model 781-2436.   Refer to toilet elevations for mirror count.

30.  Bathroom Accessories                  Contractor is to provide electric hand dryer in all restrooms.  Hand dryer is to be Bradley Aerix model 2901-2874 or equal.    Refer to Spec section 102800 for sanitary napkin dispensers referenced in toilet elevations.

31.  Misc. Artwork, Banners                As shown in Interior Elevations Sheets A7.1, A7.5, A7.6, “Display Space, GC to coordinate with owner.”  Contractor to include cost to hang 40 medium banners/plaques/frames with (2) wall hooks per unit. 

32. Existing Bleachers                         All seats and risers are to be saved and stored free of damage.  Architect to select from all salvaged pieces to select ones to be installed as shown on Sheet A10.2.  Seats are preferred for elevator surrounds & column surrounds in gallery, (Quantity permitting) risers to be used if quantity of seats is insufficient.  Bleacher seats and risers will not require sanding or refinishing.  Contractor to reuse existing bolt locations and provide new stainless steel bolts shown on sheet A10.2.  Wood base is to be constructed out of oak and finished to match surrounding bleachers. Refer to SK-11 for 1” stainless steel reveal.  Contractor to coordinate disposal of unused material with Owner.

33.  Exposed Concrete T                     All exposed faces of the existing concrete Ts on the exterior of the building are to be painted.

34. Vinyl Wall Coverings                    Drawing A9.1.2 Detail 1: Noted VWC2 should be VWC3 per spec 090000.    Drawing A9.2.1 Room 206: Noted VWC4 should be VWC5 per spec 090000.

35.  EXP1                                            As noted in finish schedule Spec 09000, all exposed items to be painted to match EXP1.

36. Tackable Surface                           Tackable surface not required in Office 205-2.  Tackable surface in Room 205 to be mounted in corridor adjacent to Open Office 205.  Size: 6’-0” L x 4’-0” H.

37. Level 5 Gypsum Finish                  Level 5 Finish is required in Multifunction Lobby 221 and on all curved surfaces.

38. Room 222 Shelving                       Disregard Data Rack shown in 2/10.5 in Addendum #2.  Provide full-width counter with support and (2) 18” deep, wall mounted, full-width wire shelves above counter. 

39. Refrigerators                                  Refrigerator located in Room 108-1.  Reference 11/A10.0 addendum 2. Full size refrigerator in this room. Mfg: GE, Style: GIE21GSHSS, Stainless top-freezer refrigerator, ADA compliant, right handed door.  Or equal.

Refrigerator required in Room 103 and 105.  Mfg: Summit, Model #AL54, Finish: stainless steel. 32"ht x 24"w x 22"D, ADA compliant undercounter refrigerator.   Or equal.

Beverage Fridge located in Pub 200.  Mfg: webstaurantstore, style: beverage air commercial refrigeration BB366-1-S-LED, 36" back bar refrigerator. Lockable glass door, stainless steel. or equal.

40.  Operable Partitions                       Modernfold (or equal) swing panel and pass through doors are to be included adjacent to the Skyfold partitions in the 2nd floor multifunction room (rm 224).  Finish to match Skyfold partition.  Swing panel is to be manufactures minimum size to allow for a 36” wide door.  Door hardware is to be provided by operable partition manufacturer.  Refer to Changes to the Spec for revised lower level partition.  Refer to SKA-10  for reissued mounting detail.  Lower Level operable partition in Multifunction Room 104-1/104-2 does not require a pass through door. 

41.  Pickleball Net                               Contractor is to provide (4) regulation sized Portable Pickleball net systems, Rally Portable Pickleball Net system or equal    

42.  Gymnasium Wall Pads                  Architect and Owner will select from full range of standard colors.

43.  Gym Divider                                 Contractor is to provide new purlins spanning adjacent Ts, original structural drawings will be made available to the contractor for reference.

44.  Basketball Goals                           The basketball backstop located at the North, East, and South walls are to be ceiling mounted in compliance with Spec Section 116623 2.3B.  The two basketball backstops located on the West Wall are to be wall mounted.  Basis of design for Wall Mounted Backstop is Porter; Model No. 90219000.  All backstops are to be mounted so that the hoop rim elevation is 10’0” A.F.F.  Vendor is to provide manual height adjusters for all goals.  Attachment to underside of Ts to be similar to current attachment, Original building documents will be made available to contractor for reference.  Contractor to verify in field mounting distances in coordination with painted court lines.   Ceiling mounted assemblies are to include a wall mounted manual winch with cover guard and a portable electric winch is to be included with the system.  Key turn electric winches are not to be utilized.

45.  Bleachers                                      Bleachers are to be manually operated.  Delete provision of seat backs.  Delete provision of aisle.  Architect to choose from manufacturer’s full range of standard colors as part of base bid.

46.  Generator Pad                               Generator Pad screen is to match rooftop screen panels.  Ship ladder to top of generator pad is to be O’Keeffe 520 Ship ladder or equal.  Contractor to pitch generator pad to the south @ ¼” per 1’, with the lowest elevation being at 13’ above sea level.

47.  Roof Screens                                Roof screen system is a prefabricated entity.  No steel framing is required over the existing northern wing as the existing roof is concrete T-beams.  Roofing screen supports to be spaced in increments of 6ft and must bear on T stems and new construction structure. See SKS-1 for additional steel related to the other roof screens.  See revised roof plan A1.3.  Roof screen manufacturer to verify required code and structural compliance of system.

48.  Fireplace                                       The basis of design is the specified Heat & Glo model.  Delete reference to Woodland direct model in finish schedule.

49.  Fire Extinguishers                         Refer to Spec Section 104400 2.2 B,C,D for fire extinguisher locations.  Extinguishers are to be mounted inside the specified room and directly adjacent to the main entrance door.  Refer to spec for mounting height requirements.

50.  Fire Alarm System                        All indicated components of Fire Alarm System are to be new.

51.  Existing Pipe Cleaning                  On PD1.1, Special Note 1, rotating jet cleaning is an acceptable method to clear the existing pipe, provided that it capable of clearing the pipe.  Additional cost for rotating cutter will not be allowed if rotating jet fails to clear the pipe.

52.  Roof Drains                                  New roof drains on the existing building are to be located at existing openings.   Contractor is to allow for additional piping for provision of added roof insulation as needed.  See spec for drain type, see SKA-14 for revised roof drain detail

See attached plumbing sketches for secondary roof drainage accomplished via architectural roof scuppers

53. Exterior Down Spout                     Reference 2/A6.4 and 11/A6.4 for location of exterior downspout (dtl 5/C.804)

54.  Radon                                           Radon Evacuation venting piping diagram (dtl 10/P2.1) is not required

55.  Backflow Preventer                      Backflow preventer, valve on shown on dtl 5/P2.2 are to be installed new.  Additional components on detail are to be considered new unless otherwise noted.

56.  Grease Recovery Unit                   Grease recovery unit is furnished and installed by Division 15.  Reference P2.5 and P3.1

57.  Dishwasher Booster                      Dishwasher booster is furnished and installed by Division 15.  Reference P2.5 and P3.1

58. Water and Waste vent pipes           Contractor is to carry the waste and vent pipe counts as seen on P1.1 and P1.4 only once.

59.  Anti -microbial Coating                Antimicrobial coating is required as specified is Section 233113 Metal Ducts.

60.  Heat Trace                                    Heat trace is not required.

61.  Wiring                                           Contractor is to provide wiremold on all new electrical services provided on the interior side of CMU, existing exposed retaining walls, and exposed concrete roof Ts.  Color is to be painted to match surface, ref. finish plans. 

62.  First Floor Outlets                         Outlets recessed in first floor are shown as floor boxes, not poke-throughs. Refer to legend on sheet E0.0 for floor box type.

63.  Light fixtures                                Light fixture Z is to be 48” in height                                                                                                                    

Replace light fixture V with Hubbell Lighting SG2-50-4K7-FT-120-BL-SCO

Contractor is to provide all light fixtures as shown on the Electric Lighting Plans, Contractor to verify total.

64.  Generator                                      Contractor is to provide 5 year Comprehensive Warranty for the Generator.  Diesel fuel tanks are to be a 48hr double wall sub-base tank.  Contractor is to provide fuel for testing/training, and re-fill tank after testing/training.

65.  Lighting Control System               All lighting controls are low voltage.  Refer to details on E2.2 for small offices and rooms, multi-zone rooms and space, and multipurpose rooms.

66.  Steel Bollards                                Steel bollards per dtl 7/E2.1 are to be 4’ x 8”.  See notes for additional information.

67.  Pilings                                           There is no allowance for additional borings.  Test piles are required per timber pile specification and per pile foundation notes on general notes sheet.  Pile length for bidding purposes are provided on general notes sheet.  Contractor to assume 50 feet for concrete piles, 40 feet for timber piles.  The actual required pile depth is based off of the depth of inorganics, reference Geotech report.  In note 6 of Wood Piles notes, change 36 piles to 112 piles.  There is currently no provision for vibration monitoring.  A certified survey is needed for both timber and concrete pipe pile specifications, see 3.3 in spec sections 316216 and 316219.

68.  Steel Erector                                 AISC Erector certification as indicated in Spec 051200 Structural Steel, Para 1.07, C may be waived as long as the steel erector adheres to AISC standards and has completed structural steel work similar in material, design, and extent to that indicated for this project with a ten year record of successful in service performance.

69.  Steel Fabricator                             AISC Fabricator certification as indicated in Spec 051200 Structural Steel, Para 1.07, D may be waived as long as the steel fabricator adheres to AISC standards and has completed structural steel work similar in material, design, and extent to that indicated for this project with a five year record of successful in service performance, and bears the cost of special inspections related to shop fabrication and quality control procedures.

70.  Wood Guide Rail                          Wood Guide Rails indicated on C200 are to be constructed per dtl 6/C.801

71.  Outdoor Benches                          The backless benches are shaded with solid gray.  (see drawing legend on Layout Plan) There are 4 backless benches shown along the sidewalk on the west side of the site. The last bench at the southern edge of the bocce court is to have a back. There are 2 other benches near the Community Center building which also are to have a back.

72.  East Awning T Demo                    Existing concrete Ts under the new awning are to be cut flush to the wall.  Adjacent Ts extending beyond the typical 2’ +/- overhang are to be cut flush to the typical 2’ +/- dimension

73.  Projection Screens                        Contractor is to furnish and install projection screens for each multipurpose room, (5) total in the project.  See attached spec.

74.  Flood Panels                                 The Engineer per 083919 1.3 B. must have be licensed in CT

75.  Ductwork Penetrations                  All ductwork penetrations thru fire/smoke barriers shall be protected by combination fire/smoke dampers.  All ductwork penetrations thru smoke barriers (Walls, Ceilings, and Floors of Storage 107, Storage 108-2, Sprinkler 109, Maintenance 110, Mechanical 110-1, Storage 209, and Main Data Room – 2nd floor) shall be protected by smoke detectors activated by local smoke detectors.  All ductwork penetrations between floors shall be protected by 1-1/2 hr fire dampers with access doors.

76.  VRF System Operation                 VRF System Operation: Independent Controller – Multifunction controller, premium individual Wired controller – each indoor FCU unit hall include a MWR-WE11N programmable touchscreen controller. Allows for independent control in heating, cooling, auto, or dry mode of connected FCU unit. 16AWGx2 shielded wire connected to F3/F4 indoor unit for proper operation. Central Controller – MIM-D01AUN Data management server to be provided as central control for VRF system. Central controller to be used for scheduling entire VRF system, allow for remote access and email error notification. 16AWG x2 shielded wire connected to R1/R2 terminals of outdoor condensing units in daisy chain configuration for proper operation.

77.  Dedicated Outdoor Air Unit Operation        Dedicated Outdoor Air Unit Operation: DDC controller by equipment manufacturer’s standard control functions. See Dedicated Outdoor Air Unit specifications Section 237433, Paragraph 2.14A and 2.14B for additional information and requirements.






S0.1 – General Notes

1.     In Wood Piles, note 6, replace 36 piles with 112 piles.

S1.0 – Foundation Plan

1.     Add note 17 to Notes:  Coordinate location of Detail 4/S5.0, Typical Support for Panelized Water Proofing Bracket, with architectural drawings and concrete and sitework contractors.

S1.1 – Floor Plan

1.     At grid F1, FA, FB, and FC, column direction symbol should be rotated 180 degrees signaling the column to go from the floor up through the roof framing to the mechanical platform above.

S1.2 – Roof Plan

1.     Area D callout in Decking Key Plan is for the decking over the high roof framing as shown in 1A/S1.2.  Floor over elevator shaft shall be 4.5” NW concrete slab over 3”, 18 gage, composite metal deck, 7.5” total thickness, with 6x6xW2.9xW2.9 WWF.

2.     Additional W8x10 filler beams required under all mech. screen mountings.  See SKS-1.

3.     Replace grating on mechanical platform with 1.5”, 18 gage, type B metal roof deck.  See sketch SKS-1.

S3.1 – Sections

1.     At details 3 and 4 change the #5 @ 32” o.c. to #5 @ 24” o.c.

2.     Replace section 5/S3.1 with SKS-3 which shows typical reinforcing from grade beam to pile cap and to slab.

3.     Change section 7/S3.1 footing thickness from 1’-10 to 2’-0”.


S3.2 – Sections

1.     At detail 12 change the 3/8” 50ksi plate to a ½” 50ksi plate.

S5.0 – Typical Concrete Details

1.     At Typical Pile Cap Details detail change the 1’-6” thickness dimension to 2’-0” and add a 6” dimension for the embedment of the pile into the pile cap.


A2.3 – RCP Details

1.     Replace 17/A2.3 with SKA-10

2.     Replace 21/A2.3 with SKA-04

A2.4 – RCP Details

1.     Replace 3/A2.4 with SKA-03

A5.5 – Awning Details

1.     Add note:  The bottom of the wall spot grade elevations are shown on the Grading Plan (Sheet C.400). QA to respond regarding the top of wall elevations.

A6.1 – Enlarged Elevator Plans and Details

1.     Detail 3 - Replace note “see detail XX/AXXX” with “See Sheet A10.2”

2.     Details 5 &6 - Replace notes referencing 5/A6.8 with “See Sheet A10.2”

A6.12 – Roof Details

1.            Replace 7/A6.12 with SKA-14

A7.1 – Interior Elevations (addendum 2)

1.     Replace 9/A7.1 with SKA-07

A7.4 – Interior Elevations (addendum 2)

1.     8/A7.0:  Replace notes RS2 and DR1 with RS2 and DR2 as shown in Finish Schedule.

2.     3/A7.4:  Replace notes RS1 and DR4 with DR4 and RS1 as shown in Finish Schedule.

3.     5/A7.4:  Refer to addendum #2 finish schedule for all exterior window treatments in meeting rooms.


P1.2 - Plumbing Upper Level Plan

1.     Added secondary storm drainage system. See enclosed sketches SKP-1, 2 &3.

P3.1 – Plumbing Schedules

1.     Revised DN, added SKP-4.


M1.1 – Mechanical Ductwork Lower Level Plan

1.     Add wall smoke damper with transfer air grille to Arts/Crafts/Kids Room #108. Smoke damper

shall be “Ruskin” model #SD60, 16”x16” size with factory sleeve and smoke detector. Transfer

grille shall be “Titus” model #350RL, 16”x16” size. Refer to architectural sketch SKA-07 for


MP1.2 – Mechanical Piping Upper Level Plan

1.     Clarification: Storage 203-4 served by fan coil unit FCU-1-19.

M2.3 – Mechanical Details

1.     Kitchen equipment (hood, exhaust fan, makeup air unit) controls detailed in enclosed

sketch, SKM-1.

M3.2 – Mechanical Schedules

1.     Fan Coil Unit Schedule: units shall be equipped with washable filters in lieu of MERV 11 filters.


EP1.1 – Electrical Power Lower Level Plan

Multifunction 104-1: 

1.     Wire motorized screen to circuit 10, RPC.  Refer to panelboard schedule for wiring size.

Multifunction 104-2: 

1.     Wire motorized screen to circuit 24, RPC.  Refer to panelboard schedule for wiring size.

EP1.2 – Electrical Power Upper Level Plan

Sliney 224: 

1.     Provide ceiling mounted projector duplex receptacle, wire with 2#12, #12G to 42, RPB.  Provide a 20A, 1P circuit breaker.

2.     Wire motorized screen to circuit 42, RPB.

Totokett 224: 

1.     Wire motorized screen to circuit 23, RPB.  Refer to panelboard schedule for wiring size.

Canoe Brook Cafe 224: 

1.     Provide ceiling mounted projector duplex receptacle, wire with 2#12, #12G to 41, RPB.  Provide a 20A, 1P circuit breaker.

2.     Wire motorized screen to circuit 41, RPB.





Section 000110 Table of Contents


(Add) the following new Section, attached at the end of this Addendum:






Section 042000 Unit Masonry


(Replace) 2.4 B. 4. with:  Size (Actual Dimensions): 3-5/8” wide by 2-1/4” high by 8” long


(Replace) 2.4 B. 6. with:  Product:  Provide sand molded brick to match existing sand molded brick.



Section 072726 Fluid-Applied Membrane Air Barriers


(Add) the following new Paragraph 1.2A.6:

1.         Division 07 Section “Thermal Insulation” for exterior wall insulation compatible with fluid applied air barriers.


(Add) the following new Paragraph 2.1D:

D.        Provide vapor-retarding membrane air barrier compatible with exterior wall insulation specified in Division 04 Section “Unit Masonry” that has also been tested in an assembly with the insulation in accordance with NFPA 285.

(Delete) Paragraph 2.3A2 in its entirety and replace with the following:


1.         Products:  Subject to compliance with requirements, provide one of the following:


a.         Carlisle Coatings and Waterproofing, Inc.; Fire Resist Barritech NP.

b.         GCP Applied Technologies; Perm-A-Barrier NPL 10.

c.         Henry Company; Air-Bloc 32MR.

d.         W.R. Meadows; Air-Shield LSR.


Section 075323 Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Monomer (EPDM) Roofing


Insert the following new subparagraph 6 in Paragraph 1.2A and renumber subsequent paragraphs accordingly:

6.         Walkway pads.


Add the following new Paragraph 1.4C.7:

7.         6-by-6-inch square of walkway pads or rolls.


Add the following new Paragraph 2.8:

2.8              WALKWAYS

E.         Flexible Walkways:  Factory-formed, nonporous, heavy-duty, solid-rubber, slip-resisting, surface-textured walkway pads, approximately 7/16-inch-thick, and acceptable to membrane roofing system manufacturer.


Insert the following new Paragraph 3.9 and renumber subsequent Paragraphs accordingly:


F.         Flexible Walkways:  Install walkway products in locations indicated.  Adhere walkway products to substrate with compatible adhesive according to roofing system manufacturer's written instructions.



Section 084413 Glazed Aluminum Curtain Walls


Delete 2.4 Insulated Metal Panels in its entirety



Section 087100 Door Hardware


Delete 2.17A2 in its entirety and replace with the following.

1.         Acceptable Manufacturers and Products: Stanley Technologies, Magic Force Swing, Assa Abloy, Horton Automatics. 



Section 090000 Finish Schedule


3.4 Room Finish Schedule (replace) LVT1 with LVP1


3.4 Room Finish Schedule: 105 Meeting: Remove “RS2&DR2 @ exterior windows”


3.2 Interior Finishes Product List:  HB1: Product Description: Mfg: Levolor, Style: Mark 1, 1" Mini Blinds, Manual Cord, color: architect to select from full range



Section 092116 Gypsum Board Assemblies


Remove Section 092116 3.7A2.  “Abuse Resistant Type: As Indicated on Drawings.”



Section 102226 Operable Partitions


Delete section in its entirety and replace with new Section 102226 “Operable Partitions” attached to this addendum, a total of 8 pages.



Section 105113 Metal Lockers


Delete 2.2 K 3. “Provide continuous Zee Base in locations indicated; 4 inches high, fabricated from .075 – inch nominal-thickness steel sheet.”



Section 116623 Gymnasium Equipment


Replace 2.2 A. 4. with Operation:  Manual


Replace 2.4 B. with Benches:  Molded polyethylene plastic seats


Delete 2.4 B. 1 in its entirety


Replace 2.4 B. 2. with Vinyl end curtain


Delete 2.4 B. 3. in its entirety


Delete 2.4 D. 1. & 2. in their entirety


Delete 2.4 Volleyball Equipment in its entirety



Section 221323 Sanitary Waste Interceptors


Delete Section 221323 in its entirety.


The complete addendum with attachments is available through Advanced Reprographics on line planroom