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Addendum #2 Branford Community and Senior Center Renovations
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Last Updated: 2017/7/31
Additions and Renovations for the

Branford Community and Senior Center

46 Church Street, Branford CT


Addendum #2


Date:    July 31, 2017





Refer to attached


DRAWINGS: (Add Sheets) A7.5, A7.6, A8.5, A10.8, A10.9, FS1.1 (Replace sheets) G1.0, G1.1, R1.0, R1.1, A1.1.1, A1.1.2, A1.1.4, A1.2.1, A1.2.2, A1.2.3, A6.2, A6.3, A7.0, A7.1, A7.2, A7.3, A7.4, A8.0, A8.1, A8.2, A8.3, A8.4, A10.0, A10.1, A10.3, A10.5


SPECIFICATIONS: (Add sections) 114000 Food Service Equipment, 101400 Signage Schedule

(Replace sections) List of Drawings, 012200 Unit Cost, 090000 Finish Schedule






1. Question Deadline                    The last day for questions remains Friday, 8/11/17 at 5:00 pm.


2. Bid Opening                               Bid Opening date remains Wednesday, 8/23/17 at 10:00 am.


3. Form of Bid    See revised Form of Bid with revision to allowance #6, addition of unit cost #24 - 29, and corrected owner reference.


4. Roof Stairs     Delete provision for all roof ladders as indicated on roof plan A1.3.


5. Waterproofing Admixture      ISE Logic Industries MVRA 900 concrete waterproofing admixture will be considered an accepted product for this project.  However, per spec, if Barrier 1 is not used, the contractor or manufacturer is required to follow the procedures outlined in spec section 030510, 2.1.A.2.a 1 thru 6 which includes paying to have an extra cylinder made every day, independent testing of the cylinder for hydraulic conductivity (HC), verifying the HC is equal to or less than 6.0E-08 cm/sec, coring and testing cylinders from that days pour if the HC is not met, and providing a topical moisture mitigation system if the cored samples fail.  Contractor is to carry this cost in their bid if they are not using Barrier 1.


6.  Stone Wall Panels      StonePly honeycomb-backed stone panels will be considered an equal manufacturer to the specified StoneLite product.





Section 000110 Table of Contents


Add Section 096816 Sheet Carpeting to the Table of Contents


Section 012100 Allowances


Replace 3.3 Allowances F. Allowance No. 6 with the following:

F.       Allowance No. 6: Lump Sum Allowance:  Provide 100 linear feet of four foot wide strip at foundation level concrete slab to demolish and repair slab associated with plumbing repairs to cross connections between existing sanitary and storm piping.  Demolition and repair shall be similar to details 14A and 14B on S3.2

1.       This allowance includes material costs, receiving, handling, installation and Contractor’s overhead and profit.


The complete addendum with attachments is available through Advanced Reprographics on line planroom